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Our Neighborhood

As of April 2022, we are updating this website to reflect all the changes in our building and the surrounding area over the past few years.


Weehawken is well known for beautiful lawns and flowers, so as spring 2022 progresses, more photos will be added.

01 FH neighborhood.jpg

For current information, check Google maps, Google Street Views, and photos posted to Google for a visual neighborhood summary.


Lining Fulton Avenue going north from the Fulton House, you'll see classic East Coast duplexes. Going south, you'll see large homes, many of which echo German architecture from the early 1990s, like the stately home pictured below on Clifton Terrace. Walking is wonderfully beautiful in either direction.

03 FH neighborhood.jpg

Below is a view from the corner of Clifton Terrace and Boulevard East overlooking the Hudson River and Manhattan.

02 FH neighborhood.jpg

. . . more to come as spring 2022 progresses . . .

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