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The Fulton House Building

The Fulton House Cooperative Apartments are housed in an 8-story building that sits on the corner of Boulevard East and Fulton Avenue in Weehawken, New Jersey, with fast and easy public commuting into New York City.

FH- building 02.jpg

Built in 1966, the building was converted into cooperative apartments in the 1980s. Cooperative apartments are common on the East Coast by New York City. Owners purchase shares in the corporation and are assigned apartments which are legally theirs. 

FH- building 01.jpg

The Fulton House is known for its unique location and views. Sitting on Boulevard East, all of its views of the Hudson River and New York City are protected. No other building can be erected in front of it.

FH- building 03.jpg

The Fulton House is also known for its mid-century, 1960s design style and finishes. All exterior balconies are faced with glass panels, allowing unobstructed views from all angles. It's entrance is also faced with with large picture windows, as are all living units in the building.

The lower deck, which you can see on the pictures above, houses an enclosed garage. Above it is an open-air parking area, providing off-street parking, all of which is a rarity and important convenience in Weehawken.  

The photos below are taken on the corner of Boulevard East and Fulton Street showing our main entrancefrom the outside and a view from the corner overlooking Manhattan.

2023-05-29 5.jpg
2023-05-29 6.jpg
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